Smartcards on Windows Mobile 5

Starting with Window Mobile 5 the SCRM is included in the default
configuration. This means when you purchase a smartcard reader for WM
2005 you will be able to access it using the SCard APIs that are
exported from winscard.lib. The SCRM on Windows Mobile is API
compatible with the desktop version  so if you have desktop
smartcard code it should just work on WM 2005.  If you have
smartcard questions, feel free to post them here or on the newsgroups.

[Author:Igor Dvorkin]

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  1. Francis Ho says:

    I am writing a program that use the SCard API on Windows Mobile 2003/2005. I compile the program using Visual Studio 2005. It could not locate the "WinSCard.lib" file. I also tried on Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++, Version 4. I have the same problem. Both compilers have WinSCard.h file in their include folder; but not the WinSCard.lib file.

    Where can I find the WinSCard.lib file?


  2. Igor Dvorkin says:

    winscard.lib is only present when using Windows Mobile 5.0 projects.

    On my machine the lib is at:

    C:Program FilesWindows CE Toolswce500Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC SDKLibAR


  3. Yannick Chamming's says:

    Can the smartcard API be backported to WM2003 ?

  4. Mik says:

    OK, but where does one get readers for the average Windows Mobile 5 device? Is there a reader I can insert in my device?

  5. anlai says:

    I have a usb smart card reader and i have the driver for windows 2000/xp.

    how can i make it work under windows mobile 5?

    what works should i do?

    Does windows mobile 5 have DDK like windows 2000/xp?

    the USB functions work similiar with 2000/xp?

  6. Ramesh says:

    I just want to know how the smartcard works with WM 5.0 and and where to punch the SC on WM. I cannot see any spave to punch the card.

  7. Neeraj says:

    Can you please give me the details from Basic about how the smart card work logically and physically with WM 5.0.

    Thanks in advance

  8. Jenita says:

    I’m a novice in Smartcard application.  I wrote an application for PSION terminal using winSCard.dll in C# and try to convert it to WinCE.  The APIs which are working in C# version is not working in WinCE especially the SCardEstablishContext().   The following is the syntax that I’m using.  


    Public static extern int SCardEstablishContext(uint dwScope, int nNotUsed1, int nNotUsed2, ref int phContext);

    While executing it in a emulator (Visual Studio 2003 emulator) it gives "MissingMethodException" error for SCardEstablishContext().  Can you help me in using the WinScard.dll in WinCE 4.2?

  9. davidnavo says:

    We are trying to evaluate/redevelop a secured access solution based in Windows mobile & smartcard readers.

    Do you know if there is any pocketpc with a smartcard reader integrated ?

    Can you recomend me one or a pair to make the tests (if your are developing with this devices, just a good one) ?

    Thanks a lot,


  10. Shanar says:


    I have a devise which uses windows ce 5 and its smartcard reader is pcsc.

    I can successfully use winscard.dll functions to connect to card and exchange apdu with my card. but when I want to read cardreaders name with SCardListReaders function I recieve a notsupportedexeption.

    this is the code that I use to read this devices reader name :

          Dim strReaders As String

           strReaders = New String(vbNullChar, 2048)

           Dim f As Integer = 2048

           lngResult = CardFunctions.EstablishContext(lngContext)

    /// lngResult gets  0 in return from establishContext

           lngResult = SCardListReaders(lngContext, vbNullString, strReaders, f)

    does windoes ce 5 supports SCardListReaders  function ?

    I’ll appreciate any help

    Best Regards,


  11. Zee says:

    Is it possible to use the winscard API in the emulator by connecting a serial reader to it?

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