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In CE 5.0, we created RemoteAdmin tool to help make creating configuration web pages for headless CE devices easier for developers to create.  Based on the customers I've worked with so far, this is not the easy process we hoped for.  I think most problems can mostly be fixed with clarifying some of the documentation, but I may be wrong.

I want to understand what exactly is going wrong.  If you've had problems with RemoteAdmin, please post feedback to this message letting me know (1) what went wrong, (2) were you able to fix it/work around it, (3) how, (4) what you would've expected from Microsoft and what you want in the future.  If you've used RemoteAdmin with no problems that's also something I'm interested in.  Have you just used it straight out of the box as-is, or were you able to customize it with no problems also?

I want to temper expectations here.  It's going to be a while in all likelyhood before we can get any patches to RemoteAdmin itself out (unless it's a QFE level).  Furthermore the solutions for many issues may end up being just a best practices document that better explains how things work, rather than a complete revision of RemoteAdmin.  Finally please do due dilegence on your side -- at least try going through the docs at http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/wcecomm5/html/wce50oriRemoteConfigurationFramework.asp before complaining about something that's already explained.

However even if it's just explaining things better in the docs, I do think we can do better.  I need specific pain points before knowing how to proceed.  Thanks.

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  1. Marcelo van Kampen (mvkampen AT gmail DOT com) says:

    Well, i tried to use RemoteAdmin… But it was too confuse at the beggining, the documentation is all the way missing… I only could make something work after i did a two days research of test and try using the remote app sample in %WINCEROOT%PUBLICSERVERSOAKSAMPLESREMOTEADMINTESTAPPREMOTEUITESTAPP

    and also looking at the Gateway Sample… There wasn´t in any place a documentation telling me that i should put a Registry Key on my Virtual Root telling to redirect to a page present in Windows with that ##include WHAREVER## thing… Aside that, i see much potential, because i did all this things before with an ISAPI, and it took too much time, in compared to use the Remote Configuration Framework…

    It´s just missing documentation and samples.

  2. cenet says:

    Thank you for this feedback, Marcelo. I’ve created a documentation bug with your comments and hopefully we can address these in the next release.

  3. Bruce Casner says:

    I tried to include the RemoteAdmin in my CE 5.0 build. I did not include the Gateway, as my node is a leaf. In this case, there is no default page built. It took a bit of back and forth before this was determined.

    What I really want to do is create my own set of web pages using the RemoteAdmin framework. Several of the modules seem to be right for my application, but without a default page I can’t get to them. I will have a headless device, though right now I have a display for development purposes.

  4. As I describe here, people actually trying to use RemoteAdmin have had numerous difficulties.  The…

  5. Oliver says:

    So 4 years have passed and with Windows Embedded CE 6.0 has anything changed regarding development of web servers for windows ce? Are there any improved methods of creating websites that allow users to configure headless devices?

  6. Luciano says:

    I’m using the RemoteAdmin in Windows CE 50, but sometime, when I restart my target device I lost the Admin account, while all the other applications present on target work fine, seems that only the Admin password is corrupted.

    I have to load a new image (NK.bin) to exit from this situation and reprogramming again the Admin password.

    What could be the reason for this problem?

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