Dependency injection with IObservable

Just when I started working on my little toolbox I read this series on dependency injection for events which was great inspiration. Read more here.

Task-based Asynchronous pattern – for your pleasure

If you liked my old series of articles covering TAP and especially the different extension methods I showed. Then you will be even happier now. Read more here.

Adopt a chaos monkey

Remember the Netflix Chaos Monkey? Last week they released the source code for it. maybe we’ll see a port to .Net and Azure on codeplex soon?

Podcast about System Center Cross Platform

Here is a recent podcast where they talk about System Center Cross Platform and what it can do for you. They also talk about the inter-op part and open source.

System Center OpsMgr X-Plat Providers source code available

So today we published some of the code for the cross platform implementation as open source. It’s the code that implements the providers getting all the things needed for monitoring Solaris, Linux, AIX, HPUX etc. The fact that we were going to release this code as open source has been communicated for a long time…

System Center Cross Platform and Open Source

Some news about System Center Cross Platform extensions. It will be in the box with the next release of System Center but the biggest news I think is that not only the open source taken into the product will be open source. The code used to discover and monitor parts of the UNIX operating systems such as…

Why open source doesn’t do it for me

  An alternative title could have been “why unsponsored open source never work” but since sponsored open source sometimes don’t work very well either, I didn’t want to exclude sponsored open source  from this post.   Over the years I’ve had to work with a number of open source projects.  Both sponsored and unsponsored. With…

Selenium the test tool

I almost forgot that before the BDD/DDD presentation, there was a presentation about Selenium. I didn’t forget it because it was a bad presentation but because the following presentation was so good… I’ve never had any good experiences with tools for automatic testing but I must confess that Selenium looks nice.  At least if you…