The cost of a row in SQL Azure

If you ever want to know how much a row in your SQL Azure database would cost you if you did not pay a fixed price… You want to read this.


One thing you probably want to write in your code review

Just for the record I think face to face code reviews (or pair programming) is a much better idea than sending off a code review with an electronic tool and get some feedback back. But reality is that most teams use a tool where the reviewer and reviewee doesn’t necessary talk to each other, just…


Team coding dojo 2.1

Yesterday I had my first Coding dojo with my new team. We did FizzBuzz in the same way I’ve done before. Turned out to work pretty well as a first dojo where nobody had participated in a coding dojo before. If I could do it again I would probably not have the faked dependency in the Printer…


Unit tests makes it harder to refactor code

During my recent brownbag on TDD one comment was that having a lot of unit tests makes it harder to refactor code. First of all the word refactoris in my opinion misused as much as mocking. There is a difference between refactoring and rewriting. Refactoring means you change the code to be “better” without changing any…


The test stairway (or what to test how)

A while ago I was asked how to handle the case where setting up unit tests became complex because you wanted to test at a lower level. Since that question itself confused me I tried to understand the problem and it turned out that person started by writing a test for some high level abstraction…


Make sure you have a backup plan when relocating

Some banks are really paranoid. Which is good since it means they want to protect my money. The problem is that the time difference and distance to Sweden makes it a little bit cumbersome at times… I wish somebody told me to give my parents power of attorney before I moved. That would have saved me…


Choosing the right tool for deployment in Twitter datacenter

This is an interesting story of how the twitter datacenter improved their deployment time from 40 minutes to 12 seconds using the right tool for the job. And twitter are not alone. Let that inspire you!


Parallel QuickSort using CCR

Since there was some requests to get the code for the parallel QuickSort mentioned here I decided to post the code I used. This is not a complete listing. You need the samples that can be downloaded from here. This listing is an extension to the Sort class in Chapter6/ParallelSort/Sort.cs. 1: private static DispatcherQueue queue…


High Importance leads to Less Effectivness

A while ago I stumbled over this article. It talks about how teams working on important projects tend to revert to less effective ways of communicating and executing their work. Ithink it makes sense. Among amateurs I think it is quite common to fail a task under pressure that they would have no problem completing otherwise….


CCR vs Task Parallel Library

I was reading this about profiling gotchas and couldn’t resist the urge to download the samples from the book and implement a few of them using CCR to compare performance against TPL. I played around mostly with the parallel quick-sort. The first observation is that CCR takes a little more setup than using TPL but…