Azure Websites and logs that are no longer updated

Last weekend I helped my father-in-law (who is hosting his company web site on azure websites) troubleshoot why he was no longer getting any more data in the web server logs. Logs that he uses to analyze what content is popular. Well it turned out that you should read the FAQ... Once your logs reach 35MB, they are no longer updated until you clean up the directory. I guess it kind of makes sense because I did think that it was weird that you could just have any amount of logs for your website for free. But there is no free lunch I guess... I just wish the user interface where you turn this thing on would mention this in the little help popup because there are probably a lot of people out there that don't read the FAQ and just assumes the data will just be there...

Also the logs didn't just start to magically appear due to some bug mentioned here. I had to change the size of the VM temporarily and then back in order to get the logs going again.

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