2012 statistics

Time for my 2012 according to this blog's statistics. As last year we'll start of with the five most read posts:

  1. Native code coverage reports
  2. Viking laws
  3. Getting logged on windows user on apache
  4. Ten commandments of egoless programming
  5. Upsert in SQL server

For the fourth year in a row native code coverage reports is the most read article I have on my blog. I was sad to see Object calisthenics not make top five. Another interesting thing though is that Ten commandments of egoless programming was linked by some popular sites which made it into the top. It in its turn links to the Viking laws which turned out to be much more popular than the commandments post. Exactly the way I feel. The top ten search terms to land on this blog in 2011 were (2010 ranking within parenthesis):

  1. sql server upsert (2)
  2. upsert sql server (3)
  3. xunit code coverage (8)
  4. upsert sql server 2008 (4)
  5. php get windows username (new)
  6. memcmp performance (7)
  7. kanban explained (1)
  8. visual studio achievements (new)
  9. upsert in sql server 2008 (new)
  10. tpl vs 2010 (new)

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