Development specific azure config

Over the holidays I've been starting to clean up a backlog of old RSS items I should read and one of them covered a way to deal with Azure configurationss and how they differ in development and production. While I've been using a similar approach to hide the fact if a configuration setting is read from the role configuration or web.config I've dealt with development vs production configuration in a different way. So far I've kept the configuration file that is part of the project as development specific and had separate configurations for production elsewhere. Naturally this makes me have to keep two files in sync when I add new settings and once in a while I need to use custom storage for my development like hitting a real azure storage account but not the production one.

What I like with the approach used in the link above is that you only need one file. Drawback is however that now my configuration file now needs a few extra development only settings that override the production ones. But compared to having two files I kind of like this idea. Worth a try I think and I'll let you know how it works for me once I've tried it.

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