2011 statistics

Time for my 2011 according to this blog's statistics. As last year we'll start of with the five most read posts:

  1. Native code coverage reports
  2. CCR tips & tricks
  3. @"Tired of scrum"
  4. Upsert in SQL server
  5. Object calisthenics

So for the third year in a row native code coverage reports is the most read article I have on my blog. And both upserts and object calisthenics made it back on the list after being gone for a year.The top ten search terms to land on this blog in 2011 were (2010 ranking within paranthesis):

  1. kanban explained (new)
  2. sql server upsert (new)
  3. mocking framework (new)
  4. upsert sql server 2008 (3)
  5. tdd tutorial (4)
  6. getting code coverage with xunit (new)
  7. memcmp performance (10)
  8. xunit code coverage (new)
  9. object calisthenics (5)
  10. php ntlm (new)

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