TPL Dataflow and async/await vs CCR – summary

As you have seen there is really much less to cover when doing "CCR tips & tricks for TPL data-flow" probably mostly because the latter is about seven years younger and designed with a latest and greatest in mind. While you tend to need to do a lot of work yourself with CCR for certain scenarios TPL data-flow typically already have a construct to simplify your task but as with any framework you need to know about it and find it which in the long run is probably better for you even though, especially if you're used to CCR, TPL data-flow can feel a little overwhelming at first.

However in experimenting with TPL data-flow and especially async/await I must say that rushing into using TPL data-flow may not be what you want. A lot can be accomplished with just async/await.

Writing unit tests
Async APIs with async/await
TPL data-flow for CCR developers more
Scatter/gather performance


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