Why I started to blog

The reason I started to blog a long time ago was that I sometimes solved a problem and had to spend a lot of time searching the web and experimenting. Since I had to do it I was hoping somebody else would not if I wrote down what I did. The comments on how helpful a specific blog post was keeps me going. But then once in a while something extraordinary happens. The first time was four or five years ago when a Computer Sweden (a Swedish "newspaper" for people in the computer industry) quoted me on BDD. The second time was when one of the most popular posts I have was mentioned in the MSDN magazine. One thing that surprised me both times however was that nobody sent me an email telling me about this. Don't get me wrong here. I do love that somebody finds my blog useful once in a while and I do not want you to ask permission before you use any of this in any context. But a note of appreciation once in a while keeps morale up... Especially if you find it useful enough to use in a "real" article...

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