What is a code poet

Somebody called me a code poet the other day. That made me think if that is a good thing or not. I think the intention was to say that I like spending some extra time on making sure that the code has a good flow and reads like a short story. But there is also an awful lot of poetry out there that is hard to understand. People writing that are still poets but their poems are not necessarily enjoyable by the big masses. And I want my code to be accessible and enjoyable to the big masses... I can get satisfaction out of writing some nifty, smart snippet that elegantly uses the features of the environment to achieve a lot. But that thing has to be enclosed in something easily understandable so that it's easy understandable. So a poem is not necessarily the best analogy. I want to write short stories that everybody can enjoy and sometimes I'll throw in a twist but I'll make sure I'll explain it so that you also can enjoy the brilliance of the twist... So what is a good word on somebody who want to write code as small stories? Code author? Wait isn't that what we often say about code? Who was the author of this? I wish more people saw themselves as authors rather than code slaves...


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