Boy scout retrospectives

In our last retrospective we tried a new way of gathering things that were good and things to improve. Apparently this is something the boy scouts use and it's referred to as SSC; Start, Stop, Continue. I think this was a brilliant way of capturing what is important in the retrospective; to gather things that the team should continue to do and things that can be improved by either starting to do something or by stop doing something. While this approach worked well to focus on the right things the team got into problem solving mode almost immediately. I suspect this is because the format requires you to come up with things to start, stop and continue rather than leaving it open as in things that can improve and things that the team should continue. This does not mean this is the way it have to be. We had a few discussions where somebody didn't know where to put their thing. Maybe next time we should have an don't know option for things where somebody don't have a suggested solution from the start. So definitely worth trying I think and I'll be interested to see how it works out next time.

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