2010 statistics

Time for my 2010 according to this blog's statistics. As last year we'll start of with the five most read posts:

  1. Native c code coverage reports
  2. Unit tests makes it harder to refactor code
  3. Having a ship party at Microsoft
  4. Mocking framework comparison
  5. Should a professional developer always use TDD

Apparently code coverage for c code (which was top one last year too) is still interesting.This year that post alone had almost double the views as the front page itself. Top ten search terms to land on this blog (2009 ranking within parentheses):

  1. sql server 2008 upsert (7)
  2. c++ for kids (2)
  3. upsert sql server 2008 (9)
  4. tdd tutorial (new)
  5. object calisthenics (5)
  6. mocks are not stubs (new)
  7. sql 2008 upsert (10)
  8. visual studio c++ code coverage (new)
  9. xbox fit (1)
  10. memcmp performance (new)

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