Malevich the code review tool – part 2

Now that my team have used Malevich for little over a month I thought it was time for an update. On the down side the diff view is not as good as with Araxis merge (a tool I use for diff/merge) especially when there are just small changes to a line Araxis is superior to Malevich. But I guess that is all I can say for things that could be improved. On the positive side we have:

  • When shelve sets (we use TFS) needs a re-review Malevich provides good diff capabilities between all the different submissions for the same shelve set.

  • More people look at each shelve set which leads to higher quality reviews since different people tend to find different things.

  • Other stake holders such as testers can more easily see what changes are happening.

  • There is a little traceability on who reviews what.

So all in all I'm very pleased with the benefits my team have seen since we started to use Malevich. And the benefits out-weights the fact that the diff view could be better.

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