Can your code handle a räksmörgås?

Räksmörgås is Swedish for prawn sandwich and is often used when testing computer systems since it contains all three of the "extra" Swedish characters (ÅÄÖ). While that may be an interesting test I stumbled over this old thing called a Turkey test today and I think it is brilliant. Especially since I've experienced a few interesting limitation after moving to the US:

  1. Cannot enter one of my middle names that have an Ö in it.

  2. The length of the field for middle name initials are often limited to two; one letter and one dot. So what about me with three middle names?

  3. My wife who has no middle name have to enter space for middle initial since it cannot be empty.

  4. You cannot enter times in the voice mail system using a 24 hour clock, you must specify with 12 hours and am/pm.

  5. Cannot use my private email address since it is not "valid" since it ends with ".se" which is just two characters and not three as ".com".


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