2009 statistics

Statistics are fun and can be used to prove almost anything... So let's take a look at the statistics for this blog for 2009... First which are the most read blog posts (top 5)?

  1. Native c code coverage reports

  2. Object calisthenics

  3. Recursively deleting empty directories

  4. SQL programming mistakes

  5. Upsert in sql server 2008

Not showing in that list is all views on the "front page" which are approximately equal to the top two post together. There is however another interesting statistic; what have people searched for when getting to this blog. These are the top 10 search terms to land on this blog:

  1. xbox fit

  2. c++ for kids

  3. cellfish

  4. advent calendar 2009

  5. object calisthenics

  6. tdd tutorial

  7. sql server 2008 upsert

  8. military

  9. upsert sql server 2008

  10. sql 2008 upsert

So what does this mean for 2010? I have no idea... Let me know if there is a topic you would like me to write more about (or less) or something new to cover!

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