Team Coding Dojo 7

This time we did a new Kata - variant of poker hands. Instead of being so specific about the interface the user story we used for the Kata was simply; Given two five card hands I want to know which hand is the winner. We also choose to use the object calisthenics rules. The biggest benefit from not having a specified interface was that we did not have to do any string parsing and could design our interface as we wanted. That definitely felt like a kick start for an object calisthenics session. In the retrospect we also noted that in some cases it is good to bend the object calisthenics rules for the sake of progress with the Kata. Sometimes it is just not worth following the rules strictly. But each breach of the rules should be carefully considered since the purpose of the rules is to flush out changes you would normally never see.

The poker Kata is definitely an interesting one and I can see how the solution can take many different paths. Looking forward to try it again.

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