Definition of mocking

When I read what Uncle Bob wrote today about how he usually hand-rolls his mocks it not only stirred up trouble. It also reminded me of why I hate the mock vs not mocking debate. First of all there is a clear difference in what people mean when they talk about mocking. I kind of…


Five reasons to shorten your sprints

I’ve been involved in a few discussion on iteration length lately and was going to write something about it, but it turns out I don’t really have to… Since it would more or less be a repetition of this. So sorry, there will not be a list of five reasons to shorten your iterations here……


Never convert your story points to time!

When I read these observations on estimations I was reminded of a thing that happened to me a few years ago. The team I worked with started out doing story point estimates and then breaking everything down in the iteration into hours. After the first iteration the team know that X points equaled Y hours….


How many t-shirts in your next iteration?

So considering my last post on t-shirt sizes and burn-downs, how do you decide on how many t-shirts to take on in the next iteration? If you assign some value to each size I guess it is easy since you have your velocity to use. But I heard another interesting thing from a guy I…


How to burn down estimates in t-shirt sizes

Some people estimate their user stories is t-shirt sizes, i.e. each story is either small, medium or large. But how do you create a burn-down chart for these estimates in order to estimate when you will be done? I guess a very common way is to assign some kind of number to each size. But…


Software development at the fish market

The Fish market at Pike place is famous for its flying fish. I was there this weekend for the second time in a few weeks (benefit from having friends and family visiting from Sweden). But it is not the flying fish that make the show interesting I think. It is how the crew is shouting…


Creative solutions for remote team members

I’m always amazed when I hear how teams make remote team members being co-located with everybody else. But rolling a laptop around on a small cart is definitely the best I’ve heard about so far…  


Coding Dojo 6

It was MineSweeper for the 6th MSFTCorpDojo today. We also applied the object calisthenics rules this time. We ended up with a lot of interesting discussions on how to design to follow the calisthenics rules and this lead us to not really driving the design using tests but rather to create tests following the design….


Adding days to an iteration (sprint)

In Scrum you never extend a sprint. Read that again. Never. So why do some teams extend their sprint a few days sometimes? I think the most common reason is there is some functionality that is almost done and it feels better delivering “in a few days” rather than “at end of next sprint”. Might…


Exceptions or not?

I’ve always had mixed feelings for exceptions. First of all exceptions should only be used for exceptional things, not things that are expected. For example if you open a file it may fail for several reasons; it does not exists, you do not have rights to open it or it may be locked. These are…