Coding Dojo 5

Yesterday was the fifth MSFTCorpDojo. MineSweeper as usual and we tried switching person at keyboard on each arrow in the TDD cycle (and not really pairing). As last time we tried BDD style tests. Didn't end up quite as neat as last time but we still learned something. I also noticed that everybody was very engaged this time. Don't know if it was the attendees or the fact that you could end up at the keyboard very soon all the time. Anyway I think we'll decide who goes next by random next time. Just to keep everybody on their toes... Will be interesting to see how that works. We'll also try to apply the object calisthenics rules next time.

This time it was also very clear how one person's decision on how to write a test or how to implement one thing may drive the complete solution in one direction unless you decide to do major refactorings. We also had to remind our selfs a few times not to do the smallest or dumbest change to make a test path but actually the simplest thing. I think it was nice how we sometimes tried to much, recognized that fast, backed out and did a simpler thing.

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