Team Coding Dojo 5

This time we took the completed BankOCR Kata from last time and tried to refactor it using the object calisthenics rules. It was really fun and the dojo was quite different from the other dojos which has been more TDD focus. This time we had a lot of design discussions and we had to force our selfs to just do some refactoring and see where it took us. I think it was great to see how we refactored and created new classes just to later refactor these classes to nothing and removing them. It was a great experience in how refactoring in steps reveals the design for you. We also had the full test suite save us a bunch of times from stupid bugs which is also nice.

But refactoring existing code to follow the object calisthenics rules is very hard and takes time. So there is much more work to do. We decided that we maybe want to continue this exercise later but for our next team dojo we will try a new Kata and apply the object calisthenics rules from the beginning trying to keep the code base conformed to those rules at all times. Also we want a Kata with no string parsing of two dimensional things...

We actually did another fun thing. After the dojo we went to watch D9 at a local cinema. A great finale!

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