Spelling in English

Sorry for this, but I've noticed lately that one thing I learned in the army has been very useful when moving to the US. And that is using the NATO Spelling Alphabet. The last years before the move the Swedish army started to use NATO standards for call signs, moving toward using English in all regular radio communication. The reasoning behind this is that Sweden engage in a lot of peace keeping/enforcing missions around the globe. At least compared to size of population. And being used to spelling out stuff using the NATO spelling alphabet has proved to be a very handy skill here in the US. Our Swedish names and accent often cause people to ask me to spell things when I talk to them over the phone. And sometimes I just spell things out to make sure they get my name right. So if you plan to move to an English speaking country and you so not have English as your first language I can recommend learning a English spelling alphabet. It will come in handy!

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