PAL to NTCS converter

Finding a good PAL to NTCS converter turned out to be harder than expected. I needed something for my Wii, DVD player and digital video camera. And also something that would work with the TV I got. Turned out I had to dig a little bit more into my pocket than expected but so far I'm satisfied with my purchase (CMD-HDX98). The only downside is that if we decide to move back to Sweden it cannot be used for NTCS to PAL conversion.

So a few pointers to you if you're looking for a PAL to NTCS converter. The cheap ones do not convert sound so you might notice unsynced sound. Second the cheap ones might convert between PAL and NTCS but does not change the update frequency (from 50Hz to 60Hz) which is needed unless your TV can handle that for you.

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  1. Name says:


    I am also planing to buy cmd-hdx98. what do u think, should i buy this converter?

    picture and sound quality are good or not?


  2. I'm happy with picture and sound. The only problem I'm experiencing is that when I watch DVDs with a few scratches you typically get a blue screen for a second or two while without the converter the picture just freezes or degrades slightly. I guess the digital converter defaults to blue screen when there are small errors on the disk.

  3. JPB says:


    Do you know if his HDX98 can be used also in France to watch SECAM L programming out of the cable box onto an american NTSC TV??? (hopefully through HDMI connections and in 1080P….)


  4. Victor82 says:

    I have found this one ( International KDV-8000) and it works for EVERYTHING.. Gamin Consoles, Satellite TV,  Cable Boxes, HDMI, etc.. It's the best one I've been able to find so I bought it. Also, it can be used ANYWHERE in the world and since I travel a lot, this was a major selling point to me. The one I got was just 2 months ago and the chip had recently been upgrade. Picture quality is ZERO loss, I am very happy with it. I bought it from these guys near Chicago, here is a link from their store. Check out the specs –

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