Team Coding Dojo 2

Today was our team's second dojo. As the first time we did the MineSweeper kata. We basically did the same thing as we did in the last FTE dojo (FTE is MicroSpeak for Full Time Employee). That is we had a longer design session, focused on one part at the start and tried to use our initial design to help guide us. Some things were very similar to the FTE session while others where quite different. I pleasant surprise was that we at one point thought we had to do a really big refactoring. But when we did the minimum change the starting point for refactoring wasn't that obvious so we created another test. Did a minimum change to make it pass and suddenly the first refactoring was quite obvious. And then a second one and so on. I think we did four or five small refactorings in a row and each one was obvious as they unfolded. And that is exactly what I like about TDD. To see the code almost improve it self through a number of refactorings. And this is also what makes coding dojos so fun I think. Being able to see this happen and enjoy it together with others.

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