Team Coding Dojo 1

Today we had our first coding dojo in our team. We did the MineSweeper kata and once again the dojo ended up doing the same thing as usual; got to focused on the end to end tests and string parsing. During the retrospect we concluded that event though we had a short design session in the beginning we didn't really use that design for anything else than naming conventions. We also recognized that the first test written kinds of sets the key for the session. If the first test is testing end to end, then it is easy to continue on that path since you need a second test to refine the design. Instead a better approach is probably to pick some part from the design and start testing that. The school book BDD with outside in demands faking things underneath and if you don't do that you should probably not start outside in - you should to it the classical TDD way; create building blocks as needed - inside out. Or my favorite; middle out...

But all in all (as usual) I think it was a fun experience and I'm already looking forward to the next session.

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  1. Since I moved to Redmond I’ve been looking for a regular coding dojo in this area but I’ve not been able

  2. Today was our team’s second dojo. As the first time we did the MineSweeper kata . We basically did the

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