When to write passing tests before fixing a bug

If you're a BDD/TDD practitioner you're probably used to create a failing test whenever you have a new bug reported and you want to fix it. But sometimes a situation arises where you have to do the opposite; creating a passing test before you fix a bug.

Let me explain with an example. Let's say that you have code that uses date and time to calculate something. It all works fine. Then you go into daylight savings time and the test fails. Your first reaction might be to change the code to work but since you only have one test you might end up changing the code so that in half a year when you stop using daylight savings time the test fails again. So a better approach to handle this problem is to first create a test that passes before you change the code. Once that is done you have your (old) failing test and you fix the problem. Now you know you have code that works both with and without daylight savings time.

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