Cash register feature

A funny thing I've experienced here in the US is how the cash register systems at Fred Meyer and QFC (two large food store chains which apparently have the same owner). Most stores have offers where you get a discount when you buy more than one item (2 for $5 or $3 each). The funny thing about Fred Meyer and QFC is that you get the discount even if you buy only one item. So obviously their cash register software does not handle "group discounts" or they do not know how to configure it. Or it is a hidden feature which benefits the observant shopper. Either way; I like it.

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  1. Steve Richardson says:

    Many retailers (if not most of them) give you the discount if you only purchase one item when it is advertised as a group discount.  CVS, Safeway & Giant, just to name a few,  give you the discount on a single item under a group discount.  It' is a smart business practice now, especially since we don't want to upset the consumer with something they are accustomed to receiving, and then not providing that same price break at our store(s).

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