Getting a drivers license in the US

Getting a drivers license in the US is not the same thing as in Sweden. First of all the booklet you can read to study is much shorter. At least in state Washington. The written test is 25 multiple choice questions and you need 20 correct answers. Since the test is computerized you actually only have to answer 20 questions if you get them all correct. Another nice thing is that you can skip questions and answer them last. I wasn't sure on two questions so I skipped them and since I got the rest correct I never had to answer the skipped questions. That at least makes it feel easier.

The driving test it self took 15 minutes and included parallel parking, parking on a hillside and basically driving around a block with no traffic. Really easy if you've had a drivers license for some time. But to get top score remember to stop before any lines at stop signs (not even the front bumper may pass) and make sure you can parallel park with only three distinct turns on the steering wheel.

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  1. Peter Schreiner says:

    Well, so not much has changed since my father took the test 50 years ago in Chicago – in good ole Europe it now takes the better part of a year to prepare for the test (only a slight exaggeration)

    Another thing. What’s the third turn for in parallel parking? 🙂



  2. "According to the book" you first turn right to get your car into the space and then left to straighten the car in the space. last turn is right again to continue straighten the car once you go forward in the space.

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