Scrum Bestiary

If you've read your Scrum literature you'll definitely heard of pigs and chickens. Ade Miller however has identified a few behaviors that you might see in your team that are bad or really bad. And just for the fun of it he came up with a number of animals to represent the different behaviors. The "new" animals in the Scrum farm are:

  • Cows - contribute to the team but are hard to rely on since they have their own agenda.

  • Seagulls - act like part of the team but they never contribute, just get in the way.

  • Foxes - steal resources, including pigs.

  • Rubber ducks - feel out of place and don't want to be part of the whole Scrum thingy.

Comments (1)

  1. If you liked the more or less humorus Scrum Bestiary then you might like the Consultant Bestiary . Personally

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