(A-Z) Driven (Development|Design)

In Swedish there is a saying that translates to something like "a loved child is known by many names". Probably there is an English saying for that to but what do I know. Anyway I was thinking the other day about the fact that BDD is known as "TDD done right" and EDD is known to be "a better name for TDD". We also have ATDD, UGDD, DDD and a lot of other double D's. So I saw a challenge in this... Coming up with double D's for the complete (English) alphabet. And I did... Not all of them are that serious but I definitely could find myself using all of them in a conversation. Here is the list - feel free to help me add more...

Also I feel I must comment on the Development/Design thing. What is the difference? Development things are things used during development all the time. Design things are things done early and/or at a high level when designing the application and should typically include no details on implementation.

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