The 2008 Advent Calendar situation

So for this year's Advent calendar I'll focus on a made up file utility object. The object is called FileUtil and it implements an interface called IFileUtil which looks like this:

    public interface IFileUtil
void Create(string content);
void Delete();
string Read();
string Path { get; }
bool Readable { get; set; }
I think the methods are quite straight forward but a quick walk-through:

  • Create creates a file with given content.

  • Delete deletes the file.

  • Read returns the content of the file.

  • Path returns the path to the file.

  • Readable indicates if the file is readable or not. It is also possible to change permissions (i.e. readable or not) using this property.

The test I will write (in 24 different ways) is a test where I want to verify that the correct exception is thrown when I try to read a file that is not readable. And before I do that I want to make sure the file actually exists and is readable. So basically the test consist of the following steps:

  • Create a test file.

  • Make sure I can read that file.

  • Change the file from readable to not readable.

  • Make sure I can no longer read the file.

  • Remove the test file.
All the tests are written using

Comments (2)

  1. For easier reference, here are the 2008 advent calendar links: Why and advent calendar? What problem?

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