Advent Calendar 2008

A few weeks ago I was involved in a discussion where we looked at a number of different ways to write the same test. I was amazed of how simple it is to write even a simple test in several different ways, all with their own pros and cons. So I decided to create an Advent calendar on this topic this year... I don't know how Advent calendars work in countries where you celebrate Christmas day rather than Christmas eve which is the case in Sweden but I'll stick to the Swedish tradition.

So, starting from December 1st I'll present a new way of writing the same test each day ending on Christmas eve. So you have 24 different versions of the same test to look forward to. The tests will not be strictly better in my opinion. Actually I'm not sure which one of the versions I like the most.

I will also start the whole thing off on November 30th and present the interface I'll be testing and what the test I'm writing is supposed to do.

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  1. For easier reference, here are the 2008 advent calendar links: Why and advent calendar? What problem?

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