Scrum Gathering Stockholm – Day 3

The day started with Ken Schwaber talking on the topic: It is not Scrum if... Basically he tried to correct a number of common misunderstandings from his books. I then attended a breakout session on retrospect concepts. It was nothing new but a few things I've seen very common in retrospects where taken up as examples on not so good retrospect routines. Last for the day was a Q&A session with Ken & Jeff. They answered a number of questions and there where a few interesting things mentioned that I hadn't thought about before.

After the last session I was engaged in a very interesting discussion with Arto Eskelinen from Reaktor Innovations. Soon two of his colleagues turned up as did a friend of mine and we all had a very interesting discussion on how to implement Scrum in large organizations. The most funny thing was that one of Arto's recommendations was actually a thing I've thought of the last few days as something we needed in our project. Since Lasse Koskela was one of the colleagues that joined us (the other one was Jukka Lindström) I took the opportunity to talk a little about TDD and why I don't like mocks.

So this means the conference has come to an end. I have not only learned a lot and gotten to see some things from a new viewing point. I've also had fun in the progress and I've got boosted with a lot new energy and inspiration.

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