Scrum Gathering Stockholm 2008 – Day 2

So the second day was (almost) all about open space sessions. First out was a session on Agile Games and I hoped for a discussion on their usefulness. Turns out the organizer had it all planned and wasn't really interested in any discussion. He just wanted to show off a few games. But it was fun playing a few games... Then I attended a discussion on what can be done in an operations team. Nothing new really, just another kan-ban board discussion. I then had a really brief discussion with a gentlemen on how do you make scrum work for teams developing hardware. I wanted to know why hardware teams feel they are so different from software teams. Turns out the organizer does not work with hardware... At least he explained that the problem probably was that they first develop software and then burn in on a circuit board. And you can't make partial circuit boards. Fair enough. Left that and joined a session on having no iterations - is that heresy? That turned out to be a very interesting discussion actually ending up concluding that the difference from when you have iterations isn't really that big and the pros and cons in then end are in favor of iterations. At least in situations where you can use both. last for the day was a talk on component teams vs feature teams. The talk was much better than expected thanks to a very good speaker.

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  1. Forgot to mention I also took the new Scrum Master certification test. It is a computerized tests that is being beta tested. Felt like taking the driving license test all over. Luckily enough I passed…

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