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You will probably never see an Xbox Fit because Microsoft would never get away with things like Nintendo does with the Wii Fit. You have maybe seen this comic before and if you don't own a  Wii Fit you may just laugh at it. But there is a lot of truth in that comic. I know because I own a Wii Fit. Let me tell you what I've experienced...

Sometimes (about once every month) I get a question when I start Wii Fit: Have you noticed anything about X's body recently? "X" is the name of my wife who also uses the Wii Fit. And I have to choose one of four answers: "No change", "Gained weight", "Loosed weight", "Better posture". This is a loose-loose situation for me. Because if I answer "no change" or otherwise wrong I'll get a "maybe you're not paying attention to X". If I choose the "correct" response the Wii will tell me: "you should say that directly to X". So either way, regardless of my answer, the Wii Fit will make me feel guilty...

My wife get another kind of questions... I tend to use the Wii Fit pretty late in the evening and then play some games. When that happens it gets close to (if not passed) midnight before I turn the Wii off and go to bed. In the morning (around 6am) I get on my Wii Fit to get the daily weight. I do this in the morning because it kept telling me, doing the fitness test at different times each day makes them less accurate. So I do it in the morning. Somehow it checks my user profile and sees that I was up late so it pretends it's sleepy. And then my wife get messages like: "You should tell Y to sleep more". Y being my name.

Think about that for a moment... The game uses my profile to harass me and my family about my sleeping habits... The intention is good but isn't this an invasion of privacy? Now think what would happen if Microsoft released a product that tracked your habits and started to tell you (and your loved ones) that you should change... That's why I think we'll never see Xbox Fit.

Talking about the Wii. There are however a few other cool things you can do with the Wii that I'd love to see on the Xbox too...

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  1. Steve Hiner says:

    My brain just melted down.  If I was still in the 80s I’d have to say that is wicked awesome.

    If MS implemented that in the 360 it would catapult them past the Wii and PS3.  I think that’s far cooler than their motion control stuff.  Even knowing what the video was about didn’t prepare me for how amazing it is.  The Xbox team should hire John Lee.

  2. Anonymous says:

    he was hired by ms research

    and you could do this by natal

    only 2 years late for this comment!

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