My new favorite .Net unit test framework

I recently had a chance to really sink my teeth into Since I've been stuck with CPPUnit for quite some time and working with was a relief. Compared to NUnit I find xUnit much easier and convenient to work with (and compared with CPPUnit it's in a class of it own).

I feel I must give you four good reasons (no particular order) for why I prefer

  • xcopy install makes it incredible easy to use it anywhere it is needed and in any form. Even different versions.

  • No need to mark up fixtures and test suits with attributes. A test method can basically be put anywhere.

  • No weird assertion names that feels like just a tick in the feature list. A small set of useful asserts.

  • Testing for exceptions is an assertion and not a test method attribute.

So earlier I suggested you to take a look at xUnit. Now I'm telling you. You won't be disappointed!

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  1. Using coding katas is a good way to learn and fine tune TDD/BDD skills. A common way to perform the code

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