When pigs fly

Flying PigThere are probably a lot of people out there that would say that Microsoft will develop stuff for Unix the day pigs fly. Well in that case you better start looking out for those flying pigs! If you somehow missed last weeks announcement I've collected a few links (and still collecting) regarding System Center Cross Platform Extensions.

The pig in the picture is one of all the flying pigs thrown out to the audience during break out sessions and handed out in the information booth during MMS 2008. It was quite popular I've heard...

So why is SCX pig flying news? Except from the fact that Microsoft is now making it possible to manage non-windows servers using the same tool as for windows servers; Microsoft is openly using open source in one of its applications, have announced that it will take an active part in the open source community and contribute back to the community, for example as a member on the OpenPegasus steering committee.

Oh, and one more thing. The engineering team is partly located in Sweden, a country where Microsoft haven't had any developers (except consultants and evangelists) for quite some time. At least it is breaking news for all Swedes...

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