Launching a Startup mobile App in Australia? How hard can it *really* be?? Day 3 report

Today has been a very good reminder of me running away with an idea. I was at work in back to back meetings again today – almost feel like the universe is against me getting this done! And tonight by the time I had a few moments to sit down & get things done… I was already tired and decided to recommence my initial idea to do something complex when the simple solution was actually right in front of me. I send my thanks to Nick Hodge for once again reminding me that the simplest solution in these kinds of situation is the simplest solution. Go with it & focus on what you really need to do. So I upgraded my internet hosting package to include enough to cover the requirements for my simple WordPress blog & uploaded it through Web Matrix. It was quick, simple & meant I could focus my efforts on locating some good strategic partners & spend a bit more time on my wireframes. Unfortunately tiredness got the better of me so I didn’t end up getting nearly as much done as I had hoped! Balancing work & this thing is getting tougher! That said, am still glad that other processes are taking place while I am busy doing other things…

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