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Before I started working at Microsoft, I used to record a monthly podcast that features some of the amazing Tech Women I had the fortune of meeting. Unfortunately, as things got busier and busier, I struggled to get the time to record, edit, encode & post the sessions.

Recently, I was invited to be on the great CoalFaceTech podcast run by the AuTechHeads Group. Then a week later I was involved with showcasing some of our great local startups on the highly entertaining Frankly Speaking podcast.

Being involved with these reminded me of how much I love podcasting… So with the help of @cameronreilly from The Podcast Network, we dusted off the old GeekGirlBlogs podcast site, revamped it a little & its once again live!! Smile 

I am kicking off the relaunch of the podcast with a video interview recorded at TechEd Australia in August. I was able to grab a few minutes with Mary Henderson, the Director of Geek IT before the Women in IT luncheon kicked off. The recording is available here: 

I have some exciting interviews lined up  including our finalists from the 2010 Community Contributor of the Year awards, so be sure to keep an ear out! And if I ever get so slack with these podcasts again – feel free to remind me to get recording!

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  1. Jamie Thomson says:

    Hi Catherine,

    You might want to check out the blog of a friend of mine – Michelle Flynn ( She works in the recruitment team at the place I used to work although she's thrown herself headlong into the tech community and as such last year won Computer Weekly's IT Professional Female Blogger of the Year (and she's nominated again this year).

    Tell her I sent you 🙂



  2. ceibner says:

    @jamiet hey thanks for the recomendation! 🙂 I will certainly take a look & get in touch!

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