SQL 2008 R2 is Released to Market


This week marked the official Launch SQL 2008 R2 to Market. Its a very exciting Launch for the SQL family.

For me, having been part of our Metro program that helps get early adopters access to training, content & interaction with our product team means that I have been able to see many of our partners already start to take advantage of the great new features in SQL 2008 R2 already!

I can’t wait to start to showcase some great local stories as we kick off our local launch through the Australian SQL R2 : New Era of Data Management Events. (see dates here: http://blogs.msdn.com/ceibner/archive/2010/04/19/sql-2008-r2-australia-tour-new-era-of-data-management-and-business-intelligence.aspx – Dates for Adelaide & Perth coming soon!)

For me, some of the key features in SQL 2008 R2 are Power Pivot, Changes to Reporting Services, Stream Insight and Performance Point Services. I have to admit I am also a little excited about the size limit for SQL Express 2008 R2 being increased from 4GB to 10GB!

But these aren’t the only key parts of this latest release – as per our launch site, The key pillars of the R2 release include:

  • Powerful new business intelligence capabilities, supporting managed self-service BI for all users in an organization – giving them access to information through Microsoft Excel 2010 with PowerPivot and SharePoint 2010
  • Enterprise-class scalability with support for the most advanced hardware and features like Live Migration with Hyper-V, and greater IT efficiency through enhanced tools for DBAs and developers
  • The industry’s most complete and integrated platform spanning the datacenter to the cloud with SQL Azure

Exciting stuff!! 🙂

So where can you find out more?

  • Learn more about the release and download the detailed reviewer’s guide at the R2 Digital Tour.
  • download an evaluation copy today!
  • Download the R2 Developer Training Kit and start using it today!
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  1. H. Weinstein says:

    What Microsoft is doing is nothing short of disgusting. We pay for MSDN Enterprise to have access to the latest software as it is released and it turns out they are freely giving away trial software for SQL Server 2008 R2 to the general public and we have to wait for some arbitrary date before Microsoft allows its MSDN customers the privilege of downloading what is offered for free. Who at Microsoft came up with this brilliant strategy of alienating their most loyal and supportive customers as a great way to launch a product? SQL 2008 R2 is RTM. It should be released to the customers who paid for it. Is that too much to ask?

  2. ceibner says:

    H, Weinstein,

    I understand your frustration – and although it is *not* unusual for Microsoft to release a Trial version for the majority of their products, it *is* unusual for it not to be available on MSDN simultaneously.

    I am looking into why this may have happenned internally – but so far the best news I can give you is that MSDN will have the products available for download on the 3rd of May.

    I have passed your feedback onto both our Product team & the MSDN team. If you would like to talk to any of them directly, please feel free to send me an email via the contact me link on this blog or directly at caeibner @ microsoft.com & I will ensure I pass it onto them.

    I am sorry that you are so dissapointed, and I agree that it should be available for you. Hopefully the release in a few days will allow you to get access to the bits & peices you need.



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