BizSpark Community In Australia

BizSparkSplash We have been overwhelmed by the amount of interest in BizSpark across the entire Microsoft Community – but the interest has been especially apparent here in Australia. Personally i think this is because we have a great start up community. To help foster this local community I have kicked off a couple of initiatives.

Follow BizSpark_AU on Twitter We now have Australian specific Bizspark_AU Twitter account – a great way to interact with the local Australian BizSpark team if you have any questions or queries.

We also now have a local BizSpark_AU blog site where we talk about upcoming events in the Australian Start up Community, Important pieces of local news we think you should know, News from the BizSpark team & also we are now featuring profiles of some of the great solutions being built by partners in our BizSpark program. For example – here are some of our latest posts:

  • BizSpark Partner Solution Profile: Cerebiz on-Demand – Business Intelligence and collaboration in the
  • Got the tools, Got the idea, just looking for Funding? Why not let the Australian Government Help!
  • Silicon Beach: Start Up Camp 3 Call for Participants!
  • National Growth Summit
  • Australian Social Innovation camp

    So if you are a member of BizSpark – be sure to check these out so you don't miss out!

    If you are thinking of joining BizSpark – be sure to also join these communities as well.

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