Today myLife==Complete

Well, if my life goal was to be immortalised in Lego – then today my life wish would have been granted!

IMG_1143IMG_1142Today I received my Lego Mini-Me – an award for my support for the Women Build Program.

I was very lucky to attend the first Women Build Lego Serious Play event which was run at PDC in LA in 2008. Since then I have completed the facilitator training for these events and facilitated 4 other Women Build Events worldwide. Most exciting of those was being responsible for bringing the Women Build Program out to Australia & hosting our first Lego Women Build Event at Tech ED Australia in 2009.



A big thanks to the Women Build Team – especially Lynn, Esther, Karen, Ali, Beth & Asli for building this fantastic program & continuing to support its ongoing growth!

Comments (4)

  1. Jodie Miners says:

    Wow! How exciting! Yes, your life is complete! 🙂

  2. Baz says:

    Don’t you mean "myLife=Complete". Since == isn’t assignment its comparison.

  3. ceibner says:

    Baz – thanks for your comment – I wasnt saying my life was actually complete – so you are correct to think of it more as a comparison than an assignment! 🙂

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