Help bring Sara Ford to Tech Ed Australia

Sara Ford** is a girl with a dream, a dream to come to Australia! Ever since she was a little girl, Sara has wanted to visit Australia.

And to make that happen we need your help! You need to Vote to bring Sara out to Australia – if we can get enough votes by 5th August, we can get her out here for Tech Ed Australia!! πŸ™‚ Vote here:

See Sara’s heartfelt plea here:

If we get enough votes, Sara is will present her acclaimed Visual Studio Tips & Tricks talk (as one attendee to this talk has previously quoted: β€œI laughed I cried It was better than cats.”) and she will also take us all on a Tour of CodePlex & show how Microsoft is working with OSS.

So don't delay – Vote Today! πŸ™‚

** Sara is now the Program Manager for Microsoft's Open Source platform CodePlex and is also renown as the Visual Studio Tips & Tricks Lady.

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  1. Would be great to see you come,i bet your VS session are really fun… But if you going to come to OZ just remember that Koala are not Bear’s…. so just call them Koala’s as Koala Bear is a very touristy thing to say.

  2. saraford says:

    I never knew that about "Koala’s." Just think of all the wonderful fun tourist things you could do to me if i get to go down there!! =D

  3. Dropbears on the other hand …

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