Don’t Panic: CRM Demo VPC Expiry

Turns out all the panic about the CRM Demo PC expiring next month, was all a bit of a mix up! Good news is that the VPC doesn't actually expire until the 11th of June!

You can double check this by opening the VPC, clicking Start –> Run –> type ‘Winver’ -> Click OK.

Then look at the expiry date on the screen that pops up:


The new Demo VPC is still being built and should be out in the not too distant future so keep an eye out for it!

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  1. Girish Raja says:


    I wonder if you are using a differencing disk. If you use a diff disk, the CRM VPC appears to have an extended expiry. If you build directly on the base disk, it says it’ll expire during 1st week of April. Anyways, we’ll know the entire story in a week’s time!

  2. ko ye says:

    Office Communication Server in VPC expired already.. 🙁

  3. pedesp says:

    Any news on the new demo vpc and where to download it from?

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