Integrating Dynamics NAV with Virtual Earth

Yesterday I tracked down our local NAV Escalation Engineer (AKA NAV Guru) Johan Emilsson to get him to share his Dynamics NAV & Virtual Earth integration.

He recently designed a Solution to Optimise Routes using the Virtual Earth API, and then embedded it within NAV. In this Webcast he takes us through the solution & how he made it work.

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  1. Itzel Torres says:

    Is there another way to view the webcast? As is the resolution is not very good so the code portion of the webcast is unreadable.

    Otherwise wonderful post.

  2. ceibner says:

    Hi Itzel,

    there is another version here on Channel 9 – is it easier to view?–Virtual-Earth/

    Otherwise let me know and I will re-encode it & re-upload.



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