Silverlight on CRM: You are only limited by your imagination!

You may have seen some of my earlier posts that mention that I have been playing with Silverlight, WPF & CRM 4.0. I will be creating a series of blog posts about what I’ve learnt and some of the things you can do. This is the first one and although it doesn’t really talk about…


GeekGirlBlogs Podcast: Pia Waugh

I was finally able to get Pia Waugh to sit still for 20 minutes so I could chat to her about the OLPC project she has been working on. 🙂 During our chat, she shares some great stories on the OLPC concept worldwide, how the OLPC Friends Organisation fits into the picture, as well as…


Embed UserControl in Silverlight 2.0 Page

I am sure this makes perfect sense especially when you think about how ASP.Net used to work with usercontrols – but how to embed my usercontrol into my Silverlight page completely stumped me and I have to admit, actually took me some time to work out how to do. And as with all the other…


Dynamics CRM Accelerators Screencast – Events Management

This week the lovely Nina Vines who is the CRM Technical Specialist from our Australian Dynamics team joined me to record the first in our series of webcasts on the new Dynamics CRM accelerators. We decided to do these after receiving so many requests for copies of the unrecorded LiveMeeting session we did on the…


Integrating Dynamics CRM 4.0 with Virtual Earth

I wrote a post a while ago about integrating CRM 3.0 with Virtual Earth. I had on my To Do list since CRM 4.0 was released to re-write this post to work with the newer version of CRM. Since then Virtual Earth ahs also had new versions released so this post really needed an overhaul….


4th Dynamics CRM Accelerator is now available for Download!

Over the weekend the 4th Microsoft Dynamics Accelerator – eService was released for download on Codeplex: It allows users to expose CRM functionality via the Web. Included out of the box are custom webcontrols as well as sample pages that allow you to : Ability to Add/Edit: Your own Contact Information Your Notes Service…


Xaml Parse Exception

I have been playing around with some great tutorials on Silverlight/WPF and calling external API’s for a little CRM project I am working on. Today I came across a weird error and thought I would document it here so next time it happens – I’ll know how to fix it! So Visual Studio 2008 gives…


Technical Books… Do you read them?

A few weeks ago David Lean asked me if I ever read technical  books. Without a seconds consideration I said – “No way – I look online for everything I need, when I need it!”, to which he quickly replied – “I guess you wont be wanting this then!” and went to put the Programming…


Amazing Aussie Women in IT!

I continue to be amazed and inspired by the women I get to meet working in IT. I am fortunate enough to get to interview some of them for the GeekGirlBlogs podcast – which often leads to gaining  a deeper insight into the amazing life they lead – as well as an ongoing appreciation of…


WomenBuild…. Inspiring career paths in technology

The recurring theme from the Women Build day I attended at PDC was about establishing relationships & connecting with others to form stronger networks. The challenge put forward to us all was to ‘Think Globally & Act Locally’.  While I was there I was lucky enough to grab Asli Bilgin, Mark Hindsbo, Lindsay Rutter &…