Posted by: Vadim Yushprakh   After giving a talk about Tux at MEDC ’06 in Las Vegas, a lot of people asked me about multi-threaded testing scenarios.  The basic problem is this: a tester has coded up a test function, which tests a particular component, such as a driver. In practice, this driver can be…


Flush-On-Close Registry Flushing

I received several questions in the past regarding registry testing related to the Flush-On-Close functionality. So I’ll talk about this a little bit in this blog. This functionality is for the hive-based registry and it is disabled by default. When it’s enabled, it will flush the registry aggresively. Basically, RegFlushKey will be called on every RegCloseKey call when…

Stress Test Best Practice

When doing testing, we always want to cover as much area as possible. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to test all possible combinations areas all of the time. Stress test can help covering areas that normal testing might not touch. The main purpose of stress test is to simulate real world load under a control environment….


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Feel free to use this blog to do a quick documentation related to WinCE tests, especially around Filesys, Storage, and Drivers area.