Posted by: Sue Loh Hello out there, it’s been a long time since I posted anything real, and I feel sorry about that.  As I began writing this article, I had just come from the first day of TechEd where I saw my colleagues present about CE6 and drivers, and was reminded of a subject…


Good posts about Windows CE/Mobile Virtual Memory

I didn’t learn about Reed & Steve’s blog until today, but got there by learning about these posts: If you have memory issues on CE/Mobile (especially if you already know that they’re virtual memory problems) you may find those useful.  


Paging and the Windows CE Paging Pool

Posted by: Sue Loh I’d like to explain a little more about memory management in Windows CE.  I already explained a bit about paging in Windows CE when I discussed virtual memory.  In short, the OS will delay committing memory as long as possible by only allocating pages on first access (known as demand paging). …


How does Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Start?

Posted by Kurt Kennett, Senior Development Lead, Windows CE OS Core Operating system code, as one of my colleague developers recently realized, is “just code”.  It’s not voodoo and it does not exist on a higher plane of knowledge.  In fact, an operating system kernel is usually remarkably well structured and well designed in comparison…


Understanding VirtualSetAttributes

Posted by Kurt Kennett  Virtual Memory is fantastic. It allows you to create this personalized ‘view’ of the memory space of a computer, and rearrange where things are physically to suit your desires.  This is especially good for the organization of registers of memory-mapped peripherals.  By allocating a range of virtual memory, and mapping that memory onto…


Windows Mobile 6 and the CE OS

Posted by: Sue Loh  Now that WM6 is publicly announced, I want to start taking steps to prevent confusion about one detail that is pretty major to most people who read this blog.  Windows Mobile 6 does NOT run the CE 6 OS.  Technically the OS version # in WM6 is 5.02; it’s an advancement of the OS (5.01) that…


What is kernel mode?

Posted by: Sue Loh I’ve talked about this before but I want to really highlight it because I still see people wrestling with it. In Windows CE 5.0 and earlier, “kernel mode” is an access level attached to a thread.  If a thread is “in kernel mode” it can access kernel address space.  You could…


Measuring TLB misses

Posted by: Sue Loh   Question: How can I measure TLB misses on Windows CE?  Answer:   If you are running a MIPS or SH processor then CeLog will capture counts of TLB misses.  On each thread switch it’ll record a “TLB miss” event which has the count of TLB misses that happened during the time since…


CE6 Module Security

Posted by Upender Sandadi Happy New Year to everyone!!! I hope you all had a wonderful start to the new year. This was one of those articles I had written before the year end but never got it posted. So here we go. One more aritcle on CE 6.0. This time the topic is: Module security. In…


Marshalling Helper APIs

I am told that our APIs are not part of our documentation.  🙁  I know for sure we documented these, but I’m told there is a documentation update coming soon, so they must only have made it into the update.  My apologies on behalf of Microsoft.  Keep an eye out for update notifications inside Platform…