FATFS post on multimedia team blog

I just came across a FATFS post on the new multimedia team blog (http://blogs.msdn.com/medmedia/) and thought that some of the readers here might be interested in it.  So here is a link to that post: http://blogs.msdn.com/medmedia/archive/2007/01/04/fat-filesystem-performance-issues.aspx Sue


CE 5.0: unresolved external symbol __imp__CeGetVolumeInfoW referenced in function WinMain

It turns out that we shipped Windows CE 5.0 with a mistake in the coredll .def file: the CeGetVolumeInfo API should have been exported as CeGetVolumeInfoW instead of CeGetVolumeInfo. This mistake causes link errors when building executables that statically import this API due to an inconsistency with the function definition in storemgr.h. The link errors…


Loading a File System Driver using a “dummy” Block Driver.

Typically, stand-alone (or monolithic) file system drivers are loaded from an AutoLoad key in the storage manager registry. However, using this mechanism is not always an option, especially for ISVs. An alternative approach to loading a monolithic FSD is to get the FSD manager to load it in response to a “dummy” block driver. Once…


How to Programmatically Improve File System Throughput

  Writing large amounts of data to persistent media can take large amounts of time. While Windows CE does have hardware limitations in comparison to the desktop, there are coding practices that will increase your throughput when writing to disk/flash.  Higher throughput results in a better overall experience with WindowsCE and applications for WindowsCE.  I…


Encryption and Filters between WM2003 and WM5

Posted by: Sue Loh   It seems that a common need people have is to encrypt all the data on a device, or as much as they can.  I’ve seen some confusion over whether it’s possible at all, how to do it, and what’s different between WM2003 and WM5.  Really this answer isn’t very specific…


How OEMs implement Clean Boot on WM5

Posted by: Sue Loh (with help from Andrew Rogers) I’ve seen this question fly by a few times, so I’m blogging it.  “Now that Windows Mobile 5 is persistent store based, how are OEMs supposed to implement a clean boot?”  The idea is to reset the registry, databases and all files to produce a “clean”…


Tips for Writing a File System Filter

There have been a few questions posted to the newsgroup over the past few months on the scope the initial setup, and the registry settings of file system filters. I hope to answer some of the most commonly asked questions here. File system filter scope: With Windows CE version 4.0 any file system can be…


CD/DVD-ROM drive doesn’t mount when using the Hive-Based registry

We received the following question today on our Base Team Blog email alias. I figured it would be worth making the reply into a post since I’ve heard the same issue arise on a few other occasions. Question: We are working on a platform with two attached IDE devices on the same IDE bus. The first device…


Persisting PIM data

Posted by: Sue Loh I’m posting this information because for some reason it falls out of my head like a sieve.  I’ve had to ask our PIM team about it multiple times and every time I forget again.  (Sigh) The Personal Information Manager (contacts, calendar, tasks, etc) stores its data in the object store, which…


Interacting with FSDMGR

In interacting with the FSDMGR and its helper functions, there are two pseudo-handle types that will be used: HDSK and HVOL (these types are defined in fsdmgr.h). While there is a one-to-one mapping of HDSK to HVOL, they are not the same construct.  The HDSK is a reference to the disk object beneath the file…