Windows Mobile 6.0 Advanced Exception Filtering

Posted by Javier Flores Assad During development of Windows Mobile 6.0 we realized that gaining more control over the debugger was a key factor in our journey of “completing” the debugging experience of anyone using our debugging tools. Sometimes you want the debugger to do different things depending what process is involved, sometimes it depends…


Using Application Verifier on Windows Mobile drivers

Mike Thompson posted a very comprehensive article on this subject at that I would like to call attention to.  If you’re trying to look for memory leaks in drivers, especially on Windows Mobile, check it out. Sue


Anatomy of a perf investigation [Perf people do dumb stuff too]

Posted by: Sue Loh  To give you a little glimpse of MEDC preparation: MEDC 2007 is only a month away and talk preparation is nearly complete.  For those people who are on the ball, the slides are already submitted and beautified by professional slide-cleaner-uppers; rehearsal talks are already given and they’ve even gotten speaker training from a…

Using Platform Builder remote tools over ActiveSync

Posted by: Sue Loh This information is something I only personally discovered recently, and it has important implications for our application developer community!  For years I thought our “platman” remote tools (Remote Kernel Tracker, Call Profiler and Performance Monitor) were only usable on devices that had a KITL connection through Platform Builder.  Meaning I thought they…


Measuring TLB misses

Posted by: Sue Loh   Question: How can I measure TLB misses on Windows CE?  Answer:   If you are running a MIPS or SH processor then CeLog will capture counts of TLB misses.  On each thread switch it’ll record a “TLB miss” event which has the count of TLB misses that happened during the time since…


Fix: time stamp mismatch on celog.rel

Posted by: Sue Loh  Posting a full explanation of this error from CE 5.0. Error: Mismatched time stamp on .rel file for module celog.dll requesting kernel fixup.  Valid .rel file is required for kernel fixups. It happens if you set the IMGCELOGENABLE build option (“enable event tracking during boot”), use some of our remote tools, and try to make an…


Debug messages and debug zones in Windows CE

Posted by Travis Hobrla (thanks to Sue Loh who assisted with many portions of this article) IntroductionDebug messages are an excellent supplement to a debugger.  They give information about the system’s state, warn about potential failures, and assist in understanding order of execution.  Of course, you could use the debugger to get that information, but…


Windows CE Tools Videos

Posted by: Sue Loh  They’ve put some videos online, which I recorded earlier this year.  Funny, I thought they were going into our Tutorials and eHow-Tos, not on Channel9, but it doesn’t matter much. Performance tool contrast: CeLog vs. Kernel Profiler How to collect CeLog data without Remote Kernel Tracker Analyzing physical and virtual memory usage I…


KITL First.

When I was in college learning C programming, they told us there was a debugger we could use, but I rebelled against it.  I could debug perfectly well with printf() and my wits.  Besides, I was only getting 4 hours of sleep a night; I didn’t have the time to learn how to use it.  Well college…


What’s new in Windows CE Platform Builder’s System Debugger 6.0?

Posted by: Greg Hogdal  Windows CE 6.0 introduces a new kernel with a new virtual memory model – offering a different address space for each process, enabling the support of more than 32,000 simultaneous processes, each with 2GB of VM space. A major effort was to modify the kernel debugger to support this new kernel….