Posted by: Sue Loh Hello out there, it’s been a long time since I posted anything real, and I feel sorry about that.  As I began writing this article, I had just come from the first day of TechEd where I saw my colleagues present about CE6 and drivers, and was reminded of a subject…


Windows CE Power Management

Nicolas Besson, one of our MVPs, posted a nice series of articles about power management in Windows CE that I thought I’d bring some attention to:  


Good posts about Windows CE/Mobile Virtual Memory

I didn’t learn about Reed & Steve’s blog until today, but got there by learning about these posts: If you have memory issues on CE/Mobile (especially if you already know that they’re virtual memory problems) you may find those useful.  

Paging and the Windows CE Paging Pool

Posted by: Sue Loh I’d like to explain a little more about memory management in Windows CE.  I already explained a bit about paging in Windows CE when I discussed virtual memory.  In short, the OS will delay committing memory as long as possible by only allocating pages on first access (known as demand paging). …


Platform Builder 6.0 Service Pack 1

Posted by: Sue Loh  Hello from MEDC!  I have enjoyed meeting many of you in person in the last couple of days.  🙂 In case you missed the news, the service pack for Platform Builder 6.0 is now available as a web download, at   The main features in the service pack are: eXDI…


Using Application Verifier on Windows Mobile drivers

Mike Thompson posted a very comprehensive article on this subject at that I would like to call attention to.  If you’re trying to look for memory leaks in drivers, especially on Windows Mobile, check it out. Sue


Anatomy of a perf investigation [Perf people do dumb stuff too]

Posted by: Sue Loh  To give you a little glimpse of MEDC preparation: MEDC 2007 is only a month away and talk preparation is nearly complete.  For those people who are on the ball, the slides are already submitted and beautified by professional slide-cleaner-uppers; rehearsal talks are already given and they’ve even gotten speaker training from a…

Using Platform Builder remote tools over ActiveSync

Posted by: Sue Loh This information is something I only personally discovered recently, and it has important implications for our application developer community!  For years I thought our “platman” remote tools (Remote Kernel Tracker, Call Profiler and Performance Monitor) were only usable on devices that had a KITL connection through Platform Builder.  Meaning I thought they…


Windows Mobile 6 and the CE OS

Posted by: Sue Loh  Now that WM6 is publicly announced, I want to start taking steps to prevent confusion about one detail that is pretty major to most people who read this blog.  Windows Mobile 6 does NOT run the CE 6 OS.  Technically the OS version # in WM6 is 5.02; it’s an advancement of the OS (5.01) that…